I welcome comments on the Black Book and will reply to as many as I am able. I especially welcome comments from the left which so far has pretended that this critique does not exist. This is a throwback to the Stalinist era, and I hope that there are some leftists with the integrity to attempt to meet an argument rather than stamping it out. I hope all commenters will treat the intellectual issues involved and not resort to name-calling and anti-intellectual rants.

David Horowitz

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  1. Mr Horowitz:

    I just finished re-reading parts of your biography which came out in the late 70s. Now, as a person of the “Dissent” Left (moderate radicals, I call us, who agree with a few of your present positions beleive it or not), I basically, of course, can`t take most of your conservative nonsense seriously.But unlike more moderate Republicans, you are not only mostly wrong in your value system , you are also psychologicaly delusional. Take , for instance, this statement by you from the intro to the book for which you have added this comment section. You actually write about Obama`s ” systematic efforts to dismantle America’s constitutional system and disarm us before our enemies “. Excuse me? “dismantle America`s constitutional system”? “disarm us before our enemies”? That`s plain crazy. Yet, you and the others on your website write stuff like that constantly, which is very weird. Obama is just a left centrist working within your Constitution, at the head of a massive military which no one would dare challenge. Yet, he is disarming, you say? You don`t get it, do you?Even a prominent Canadian conservative columnist, Jonathan Kay, once wrote me that he too thought you were too extreme and an embarassment to The Cause.

    It seems to me that you have gone through a kind of strange ideological swing in your life from one extreme to another, just like Mussolini (with the caveat here that you are no fascist, but nevertheless gladly applauded Reagen`s collaboration with many ex-National Guard torturers and fascists to oust Communists in Nicaragua and El Salvador, the latter being obviously the lesser evil).

    That`s all I have to say. It`s not worth expending more energy dealing with hard-bitten delusional conservatives..although I must add one last thing: I found many of the more lucid passages in your biography most interesting, especially about the Panthers (pretty clearly partly thugs), bout your personal life and pychological turmoil.. a turmoil somewhat still manifest indirectly by your strange delusions.


    1. Dear Marco,

      Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. You pretend to want to engage in an intellectual dialogue but can’t help yourself when it comes to revealing that all you really want to do is insult me — “crazy,” “delusional,” “waste of energy,” “nonsense.” If you stick around for the rest of my reply you may learn what real intellectual work is like.

      Through the fog of all your insults, you do formulate one thought, which I will address. ‘You actually write about Obama`s ” systematic efforts to dismantle America’s constitutional system and disarm us before our enemies “. Excuse me? “dismantle America`s constitutional system”? “disarm us before our enemies”? That`s plain crazy.’

      You have picked a very bad week to make a statement like this. Obama has just authorized a prisoner exchange in which he has traded 5 top-level Taliban terrorists for one U.S. army deserter. In doing so he has broken a law only recently enacted which requires the executive branch to notify Congress one month before exchanging or releasing Guantanamo prisoners. This law was enacted because so many Guantanamo inmates have been released only to return to the battlefield and kill more Americans. In other words this news item of the week is evidence to support both the statements I made which you dismiss as “plain crazy” — Obama’s contempt for the law and his intentions to “disarm us before our enemies.”

      Andrew McCarthy former U.S. prosecutor of the Blind Sheik has just written a fine book called Faithless Execution, a title taken from the constitutional obligation of the President to “faithfully execute the law”. It is one among a library shelf of books and articles, some written by liberals like Jonathan Turley, documenting Obama’s systematic dismantling of the constitutional framework. A similar library shelf documents his determination to disarm us before our enemies.

      You don’t even get Obama’s political character right. You call him a leftist centrist whatever that could possibly mean. As Stanley Kurtz has documented in a 500-page book, “Radical-in-Chief,” Obama is an Alinsky radical and his entire political career including ramming through a bill to socialize one-sixth of the American economy is proof of that.

      I’m not going to call you crazy. What you are is lazy. And that includes your readiness to smear and defame people rather than deal with their arguments, which you obviously can’t handle.

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